How to Use Ray


Try a test run without sealant to get used to holding the Ray tool in position.



Trim the sealant tube nozzle for minimum material wastage (see Why Choose Ray page).
Apply the sealant from one of the corners along the joint.
Place your thumb on the thumbprint of the Ray,
hold firmly and fold the two wings upwards.


Turn the Ray sideways. Align the smoothing tip over the start of the sealant run.


Press down on the tool to ensure that both wings sit flat on the two surfaces of the joint.


Hold the tool firmly in place, keeping the
pressure on, glide Ray along the seal run. The tip will leave a smooth parallel joint while the two wings will remove and collect
any material residue, this should be wiped clean with paper tissue before further use.



In the event that the seal does not cover completely, don’t worry, simply re-apply silicone to area in question, glide the Ray over the seal once more to achieve that perfect finish.